Welcome to my brand new website. My old one has been out of date for some time so it’s very exciting to update all of you with a vision of what I love to do most. I have been working in this industry for 12 years now, so it’s been amazing to sit down and reflect upon how I have developed as a Mistress during this time to bring me to where I am now. I often think about the shifts I have noticed in my confidence since starting this work. Part of it is, of course, down to age and maturity. But another significant part is the pricelessness of experience. The way my mind ticks over when I scheme for a session has changed in this time. I think it’s common for apprentices and newer workers to plan out sessions. And I do believe that all great Mistresses are organised Mistresses. But my mind is now much more fluid and flexible. It’s a well oiled machine that has been tended to with depraved fantasies for a long time. I enjoy the process of meeting someone like-minded and finding opportunities to create unique kinky experiences that will always be remembered. And being completely in the moment. Not aways knowing what will come next, but knowing that I will respond to the chemistry in a way that feels totally right for the connection I’m feeling. I hope you have enjoyed reading my new website, checking out my new pictures and I hope to hear from you soon. Please sign up to my newsletter here and check back for more updates to my blog!

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