What my playmates are saying

Happily Helpless

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience you gave me earlier in the week. You have an amazing set up and had me feeling comfortable and in safe hands.

I was very happily helpless, trapped inside the latex whilst you worked your magic. Having never experienced electrics before, I am certainly a fan now. I really liked the combination of some known activities I like, nipple clamps and ball stretching, added in with the things I hadn’t tried but you had suggested (electrics and sounding) which I was helpless to stop trapped unable to resist. All the while knowing I was able to fall back on my safeword, which was fading away in the back of my mind as I was in pleasure and pain bliss.

The lead up to the session, i wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect. I really enjoy the feeling of having my sensitive parts vulnerable, unable to prevent the sensations that might be coming. But the session blew my mind and was better than I could have imagined. Sometimes I have found the reality doesn’t match the fantasy, however on this occasion that was totally opposite.

I was reminded all day at work yesterday when moving to complete a job or brushing of my nipples, bringing the moment back fresh into my thoughts. Probably causing a smirk, basking in afterglow hehe. The orgasm burst out of me so quickly I hadn’t had the chance to even finish saying Please, let alone ‘may I cum Mistress’. Body and mind well and truly erupted in pleasure. I hope you enjoyed taking me on the ride!

I hope to try more and explore more kinky adventures in the future. Thank you soo much Mistress


It is difficult to put into words what the experience of a session with Lady Ambrosia Noir is like but I will endeavor to do my best. I have long wanted to make a booking to see Ms Noir but found the idea somewhat daunting in that looking at her Twitter feed she indulges in some activities way more extreme than the sort of things I was interested in, being that I have lived a fairly vanilla life up until now. She addresses this issue in the Introduction section of her amazing website; anyone who is like me and has been somewhat hesitant about seeing Ms Noir should read the Intro on her site and book post-haste. 

First and foremost- the Lady you see pictured on her website and Twitter is the Lady who opens the door. In fact, and this is kind of a trope at this point. Ms Noir is more beautiful than her pictures can convey. She is breathtakingly gorgeous, possessing a wondrous curvaceous figure, alabaster skin with midnight black hair and the most giddying, piercing eyes boarder by proper Wicked Librarian/Secretary spectacles. Dressed immaculately she looks as if she has stepped out of 1950’s BDSM catalog into the 21st Century.

As requested I had emailed her a list of the kind of things that I was keen on experimenting with; at the beginning of our session she gave me a brief on what kind of experience she had crafted for us to make sure I was comfortable with it, then proceeded to begin the session. 

Without going into specific details, the entire two hour booking well and truly exceeded my expectations. I had imagined all sorts of things we would get up to but my imagination, for once, was sadly lacking against reality. My experience was well an truly the most intense, wonderful and enjoyable physical experience I have ever enjoyed with another person. I was almost unable to contain myself during some of the moments she subjected me to; my mind and body was exposed to delights and extremities I had hitherto not experienced or imagined.

What is most beguiling about Ms Noir is how tender and gentle she is.  Despite literally violating me with several devices of torture, she was always soft, gentle and demure; She seemingly effortlessly instills a feeling of trust and and assurance being so tender and kind that had she told me she was about to break out a flame thrower I would have been happy to see where she was going with it.

 In conclusion, if you are a someone who wants to explore a more kink-related kind of experience, I could not imagine anyone better suited to guide you through your journey than Lady Ambrosia Noir. Be respectful and courteous and you shall know true delight. Stop reading this review and make a booking. Now. 

Schoolyard Bully

One moment, she’s aggressively forcing you into submission, the next she’s sweetly laughing in your face as she calmly watches you struggle beneath her.
I have now survived two Scissor Sessions with Lady Ambrosia (‘survived’ being the key word!) and I know I will be coming back for more punishment. She has an aura about her, keeping you relaxed, yet also on edge in anticipation on what is to come. She is a beautiful mistress, an exceptional dominant and a purely sexy woman.
Oh yeah, and being trapped tightly between her thighs, there is almost ZERO chance of escape. But then, even if there is, you’ll be asking yourself: ‘Do I want to?’


Mistress Ambrosia took my breath away several times in a single session, starting from the moment she entered the room. The word ‘statuesque’ is an over-worked cliché but in her case absolutely appropriate. We tried some things I hadn’t tried before, and she was a patient but challenging guide. The sensation of being immobilized, first in cling wrap and straps, and then Ambrosia’s arms wrapped around and squeezing, was overwhelming. She was able to be playful one moment and steely the next, and had I been looking for viciousness, I don’t doubt that she could have supplied that too.

The hour went by very quickly, but in thinking about it afterwards it seemed to contain so much more than fits into 60 ordinary minutes.


I recently submitted to Mistress Ambrosia for the first time.  I did this after a long break from bdsm.  I have been into bdsm for many years and have become quite discerning about who I submit to.  I had met Mistress Ambrosia in the past, when she was a trainee.  I knew she had been trained by the best.  I also knew she possessed some of the key elements I treasure in a Dominatrix, empathy, sadism, broad range of skills, an adherence to safety and a totally creative imagination.  All these ingredients made for what I hoped would work, but there is always one part that can never be predicted, whether there will be a connection, whether a Mistress can truly get inside a slave’s head.

That fear was totally allayed.  Mistress Ambrosia was totally brilliant on every level but the thing that stays with me the most was how she totally got inside my mind.  I felt for the entire two hours that my mind was being toyed with and slowly fucked.

Every other art of the session was outstanding.  Just Mistress Ambrosia entering the room, the sense of anticipation and atmosphere she had been created meant I was dripping from the start.

I am very much a discipline aficionado and Mistress Ambrosia gave me a most exquisite caning.  As a pure masochist it was everything I could ask for.  I received a multitude of cane strokes that were severe and precise.  My cheeks went beyond warmed up to bright red, with wonderful welts appearing.

I was soon lying flat on my back, my cheeks throbbing and my endorphins happily ticking over.  A gag forced my mouth open and my nipples and genitals were at their most vulnerable.  It’s here that my memory gets a bit hazy about the order of things.  Severe clamps were applied to my nipples, which were attached to a suspension hook. Heavy weights hung off my bound balls. The stretch on my nipples and my balls was moving tension in opposite directions, enhancing my pain. And my pleasure.

My cock was slowly pierced.  A ladder of needles was making its way up from the base of my cock. With each needle I was getting even more aroused. Mistress Ambrosia cruelly raised the suspension bar, one notch at a time, until the clamps painfully gave way.  This wasn’t a relief however as the clamps were immediately reattached.

With the gag in my mouth, there was that amazing moment where it was confirmed just how much Mistress ambrosia was inside my head.  She stood over me and I was permitted to look into her eyes.  As Mistress Ambrosia looked down on me I felt I was being pierced more deeply than any of her needles.  My brain was now mushy goo.  As spit landed in my mouth I knew I had been totally fucked up in the most magnificent way.

The rest of the session was spent in the state of the most heightened sensory overload. More piercing was carried out, further up my cock.  I have had lots of piercing before.  That was without doubt the most erotic piercing I’ve had.  Really amazed that piercing my cock could bring me to the verge of ejaculation.  A funnel gag replaced the ring gag and soon I was drinking Mistress Ambrosia’s golden nectar.  A totally magical moment in a magical session.

I existed in a glow for days after the session.  That’s what bdsm can do.  It can be magical.

Some other observations I would like to make in this review.  I have a joint injury but all the positions Mistress Ambrosia put me in were carefully considered to provide maximum restraint with zero stress on my joint. Mistress Ambrosia’s adherence to hygiene and safety were paramount and made it so easy for me to just let go and enjoy her skills.  I felt totally at ease communicating with Mistress Ambrosia.  There was no problem letting her know of any difficulties. All in all, I had the most brilliant time and hope to have many more in the future.

Vengeful Ex

When Lady A came to the interview room, I gave her my tribute and a lovely box of Hague chocolates for her birthday. Yes I was grovelling.
My switch session with Lady A was a fantasy dream come true. I loved the warmth & openness shared with Lady A. during our activities. I welcomed Miss Ruby’s attendance as I felt this made the session safer particularly for Lady A. Because I was spanked so much while growing up, I had aways wanted to spank a woman as for revenge for the spanking my mother did to me.
The first session involved me being the ”dominant” ex boyfriend and Lady A the ”Sub” ex girlfriend. I blind folded and gagged Lady A. tied her wrists with help from Miss Ruby and placed small nipple clamps on her beautifully rounded breasts. I took the liberty to play with these as well. My ex started being nasty and very demanding to me, with this I pulled her over my knee and began to spank her. Lightly at first, with Miss Ruby instructing me how to warm the bottom with rapid hand movement across the butt. The spanking increased as I moved through different implements, the wooden spoon, paddle and tawse. I did not use the cane as I’m not proficient in its use. However my ex’s bottom was very red by the time I had finished.
After untying my ex, she then became aggressive towards me, I had not expected this after the punishment I had given her. Fool me!
She began to wrestle with me, trying with some difficulty to drag me to the bed room. She eventually got me there, through me on the bed , then tried to put me into a head lock after which she was going to smother my face. However I had a trick up my sleeve. I knew about her being ticklish especially under her foot. She was agast when I started doing this because I was able to gain control over her. With her experience in the wrestling game she was able to wear me down. While she was still wearing panties, she proceeded to stride my face thus smothering me until I submitted. She also farted in my face. What a lovely smell!
She then took me to the main dungeon and made me lie across the cage where my hands were restrained by Miss Ruby. She then returned the spanking I had given her earlier. My bottom was soon very red. She stopped only when she broke the wooden spoon on my back side She then made me lie on the table where she totally mummified me except where she left my mouth & nostrils free. She then cut a section away from my penis & scrotum. She inserted about 10 needles along my penis. This was where Miss Ruby helped me through my breathing. I was able to totally relax as she talked me through it. The needles did not hurt much at all, being inserted or removed. When they were removed my ex used different size sounding instruments on me. I was even able to get an erection.
When this was all finished and me still wrapped up, my ex sat on my face yet again. As well as farting on me , she peed on my face through her panties and made me suck it up. I enjoyed this. She then took her panties of , stood above and aimed her pee into my mouth filling it ,then making me swallow. This happened four times and I took it all.
This was the end of our session. She then put her panties over my head and told me to wear them home. I had paid for the panties. After I dresses Lady A. instructed Miss Ruby in rope bondage to my upper body.
I found Miss Ruby very confident, relaxed, helpful and willing to learn as the session progressed. My guess is Miss Ruby will be great Mistress inheriting the skills of two great mistresses, yourself & Goddess.
Kind regards Candy xxx


All sessions with a Mistress are exciting, most Mistresses try hard to explore the agreed session content, but what distinguishes Lady Ambrosia is Her ability to introduce that spark of originality which reminds you who is in control. This is not a consequence of her tone of voice, or the height of her heels, but of the design and execution of the shared experience.

I enjoy sessions with Lady Ambrosia as i know that She will have thought about crafting the private theatre so that it is challenging and imaginative. And Her unflinching gaze and dominant demeanor endow Her with a natural authority and presence which demands submission. She is distinctive, dominant but sensitive- a compelling combination!

Tickle Torture Switch

I write this testimonial in regards to a session the good lady and myself had.
When we first met she was sweet and we talked at length about what we wanted.

Then when I got dressed (I was in the cutest pink with white polka dots slip, with matching stockings and g string) and submitted. Boy does she turn over a new leaf, she started out real soft to send my senses into a frenzy then she ruthlessly exploited my ticklish spots one by one. One particular spot so much so that I now officially hate paint brushes. It turns out I was able to give as good as I got though, I was able to find some new ticklish spots on her. I won’t divulge for I fear she will show no mercy next time we play.


Prior to meeting Lady Ambrosia, I wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance to live out my chastity fantasies. However, she has been able to help me realise my fantasy. My cock is her property and it will remain locked up until she deems it time for release. As I endure the tormenting wait for that time, my mind is filled with memories of our previous sessions. I think of how she took her time to understand my kinks and desires during our first encounter. I think of how stunning she’s looked on each visit. I think of her firm yet sensually teasing touch. I think of her wicked mind and unquenchable thirst for my desperate begs for mercy and release.

What I’ve found most impressive about Lady Ambrosia is how she’s been able to understand my kinks and fetishes and fulfill any particular requests I’ve had while still being in control herself and taking me further than I’d ever imagined possible. I really can see why her blog is titled “Down The Rabbit Hole” as this is what she’s done to me… I never could have imagined being locked up as I am now but Lady A has guided me to this world of chastity. Despite the torment, I really couldn’t be happier and eagerly await what she has in store for me next.


Hello fellow kinksters

Ambrosia’s the real deal. It’s very clear that she listens to and absorbs the communications you have leading up to a session, as she creates a scene rich in detail. What makes her special is that she reads between the lines, and as she states on her website, gets to the ‘heat’ of your kink or fantasy. She isn’t lying. She took me to a place, that, with hindsight, I wanted to go to but wasn’t able to communicate as such. It was hot, heavy and wonderful. She also has a lovely bottom and a nice smile, two things that never go astray! Go on, stop sniffing around her page, lock in a date!!

Eye Opener

After numerous letdowns by others, to come across Mistress Ambrosia was certainly a very pleasant eye opener. Initially, being somewhat embarrassed just talking about my fantasies, Mistress has gone, I consider, beyond her call of duty in attempting to realise my dreams. Mistress A. is patient, understanding & very innovative, but in saying that, don’t be misled – she will not tolerate fools or misbehaviour – she can be very strict. The amount of preparation that she does prior to a session in her own time, just shows the commitment she has to her lifestyle. Mistress A has taken taken everything to a new & heightened level.

Human Side

I have known Lady Ambrosia for about six months now. In that time I have experienced her dominant side as well as her human side. I adore her, I cherish her, I value her beyond measure. Meeting her has been one of the highlights of my life, a decision I have never regretted, and I recommend her unreservedly.

If you have a specific idea in mind she will bring it to life with creativity, enthusiasm, and eroticism. If you give her free reign with a broad scope of control she crafts moments of pure intensity that are without equal. Her website is not idle exaggeration – she really can and will take you to a new realm.

There is a fundamental conflict when submitting to a dominant woman – as a sub it can be unfulfilling to dictate the action and it can be difficult to get what you want without demanding. Rest assured Lady Ambrosia will expertly find seductive ways to discover your buttons and create your bliss.
Sharing time with her is an unrivaled joy of life. It is not nice to make comparisons, but I have encountered other pro-dominants that are uninterested in me as a person, mainly watching the clock and unconcerned about after-care. Lady Ambrosia is very different in all these respects. She is genuinely caring about the people under her control. She participates in the play with passion. She ensures you have always enjoyed yourself and will happily return for more.

In summary she is the most stunningly exquisite, incredibly alluring, achingly beautiful, sensuously desirable, mouthwateringly seductive, addictively captivating, mischievous bundle of eroticism you could ever hope to share time with.


Ambrosia did a lovely job in a recent switch session. She seems to have an ability to know what you want, and then provides it without asking. She is absolutely convincing and in character as both a dominant and a submissive. When I had her across my knee warming her delightful bottom, her squeals and wriggles were adorable.


After years of searching I found Mistress Ambrosia Noir’s website. Her knowledge of Tantra was a plus for me as I am quite addicted to sensual Tantric massage. Two emails and two positive phone calls resulted in me making an appointment for my first taste of sensual tease and denial.

I was very nervous as I waited for Mistress Ambrosia to arrive at my home. After a quick introduction I waited while she changed into the dungeon gear I had requested. This was a daylight visit and I didn’t want my nosey neighbour seeing Mistress Ambrosia in her dungeon gear!

My last doubts quickly disappeared when Mistress Ambrosia entered the room. The beautiful lady was wearing shiny black thigh-high boots and a figure-hugging corset that showed off her hour glass figure to perfection.

First I was spanked until my arse cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink and then Mistress Ambrosia introduced me to her suede flogger. I loved the thud and sting as the lengths of suede were aimed carefully on my bum, shoulders and back. Mistress Ambrosia’s wicked laugh filled the room as I heard her pull latex gloves onto both hands. Cool oil was applied around my anus followed by exquisite anal play. This was accompanied by squeezing and tugging of my genitals. The sudden addition of a vibrator rubbing against my anus was orgasmic.

After I turned over my smiling Mistress quickly secured me to the massage table. Her wonderful hands caressed me all over with particular attention to my nipples. But Mistress Ambrosia’s main attention was my cock and balls that were stroked, squeezed, pulled and pinched. The addition of the vibrator only heightened the experience and I orgasmed many times much to our mutual delight.

Even though my wrists were secured my Mistress gave me permission to touch where I could reach. I delighted in caressing the top of her thighs and boots and I look forward to our next session when  I may also spank the perfect booty of my wonderful switch Mistress.

The time passed too quickly and it was time for Mistress Ambrosia to depart. We both agreed on how much we had enjoyed the session and I was left with wonderful memories that will last forever. I would definitely recommend Mistress Ambrosia to anyone looking for a fulfilling BDSM session. I will be back!


I have had the opportunity to serve the stunning Mistress Ambrosia Noir numerous times since April 2010 and every session just gets more and more intense as the boundaries continuously get pushed. I would like to use this opportunity to recount some of the memorable sessions conducted by the wonderful Mistress Ambrosia.

As mentioned, I first met Mistress Ambrosia in April 2010 for our session. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had only communicated with her online. Wow, they say first impressions last and this was definitely the case. I can still recall Mistress Ambrosia entering the room wearing burlesque clothing with stunning heels, porcelain skin, vivid lips, glasses and a look that mixed stern with playful. We discussed prior experience and elements to include in our session… I was like a kid in a candy store with so much variety that I didn’t really know where to start. Thankfully, Mistress Ambrosia did and after changing into something more imposing (and more comfortable) consisting of a stunning black corset, black stockings and matching heels, our session began.

Given my penchant for cross-dressing, Mistress Ambrosia selected the perfect stockings and boots for me to dress up in. After some wonderful verbal humiliation, putting me in my place, we then proceeded to the table for some sounding. This was my first time and gentle, Mistress Ambrosia was. The feeling was intense and I still squirm thinking of that session. I was also rewarded with Mistress Ambrosia’s spit throughout the session, for being a good boy, or gurl in my current state of dress. Time went by way too quickly, so I made sure we started planning for the next session.

Subsequent sessions included cock-piercing, which Mistress Ambrosia does with careful precision and speed… enough to feel the pain, but without causing any damage; caning, which again is done with precision and an ability to provide reminders, either of a visibly red arse, or a wince when sitting down… a welcome memento though. Mistress Ambrosia also introduced me to suspension play, which, literally, was a rush, but so much fun feeling helpless and at the whim of another, who was reveling in the predicament I was in. I was rewarded this time with Mistress Ambrosia’s golden liquid, which was a welcome treat and she made sure I drank it all down (whilst wearing boots, just like hers).

I have also been working with Mistress Ambrosia on anal play, where she has been using a variety of techniques gained from her studies to help the most novice of anal players, such as myself. We are still working up towards a hand, but this will come after Mistress Ambrosia deflowers me. Mistress Ambrosia works at an appropriate methodical pace, talking me through techniques to relax and accept more of her… which I gladly do.

As mentioned, I have a fondness for cross-dressing, and with Mistress Ambrosia’s expert help, I was able to look more like a female than any of my poor attempts. Again, Mistress Ambrosia talked me through the experience and provided excellent tutoring. I came out of the session feeling so alive, as I was able to work with someone who would not judge, but help create and build confidence and comfort in myself.

The final act I wish to recount is the command that Mistress Ambrosia holds over her slaves. Mistress Ambrosia commands attention and obedience through her mannerisms and language, getting into the psyche of her slaves. It was through Mistress Ambrosia’s wish that I get a reverse Prince Albert piercing and a hafada, or scrotum piercing. This is not something I had really thought about a lot in the past, or if I had, would have chickened out easily. However, after Mistress Ambrosia’s wish, I knew I could not disappoint her and went through with the piercing… pleasing both of us.

Despite providing quite in-depth recounts of some of our sessions, I feel this is the most succinct I can be. This is perhaps reflective of the attention to detail that Mistress Ambrosia provides that I feel I would undersell Mistress Ambrosia’s qualities if I did not recount the sessions in proper detail. One always leaves sessions with Mistress Ambrosia on a natural high and extremely satisfied… satisfied at what was accomplished during the session and what boundaries were pushed. It is always hard leaving the sessions, but knowing I will see Mistress Ambrosia’s wicked smile again in the near future makes it a little easier.

If you were planning on organising a session with Mistress Ambrosia, you definitely will not regret it. You will learn a lot about yourself during the journey.


I offer a fetish experience for kinksters, submissives and slaves who want more. My sessions are charged with true connection and intensity.

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