Testimonial – Tender

It is difficult to put into words what the experience of a session with Lady Ambrosia Noir is like but I will endeavor to do my best. I have long wanted to make a booking to see Ms Noir but found the idea somewhat daunting in that looking at her Twitter feed she indulges in some activities way more extreme than the sort of things I was interested in, being that I have lived a fairly vanilla life up until now. She addresses this issue in the Introduction section of her amazing website; anyone who is like me and has been somewhat hesitant about seeing Ms Noir should read the Intro on her site and book post-haste. 

First and foremost- the Lady you see pictured on her website and Twitter is the Lady who opens the door. In fact, and this is kind of a trope at this point. Ms Noir is more beautiful than her pictures can convey. She is breathtakingly gorgeous, possessing a wondrous curvaceous figure, alabaster skin with midnight black hair and the most giddying, piercing eyes boarder by proper Wicked Librarian/Secretary spectacles. Dressed immaculately she looks as if she has stepped out of 1950’s BDSM catalog into the 21st Century.

As requested I had emailed her a list of the kind of things that I was keen on experimenting with; at the beginning of our session she gave me a brief on what kind of experience she had crafted for us to make sure I was comfortable with it, then proceeded to begin the session. 

Without going into specific details, the entire two hour booking well and truly exceeded my expectations. I had imagined all sorts of things we would get up to but my imagination, for once, was sadly lacking against reality. My experience was well an truly the most intense, wonderful and enjoyable physical experience I have ever enjoyed with another person. I was almost unable to contain myself during some of the moments she subjected me to; my mind and body was exposed to delights and extremities I had hitherto not experienced or imagined.

What is most beguiling about Ms Noir is how tender and gentle she is.  Despite literally violating me with several devices of torture, she was always soft, gentle and demure; She seemingly effortlessly instills a feeling of trust and and assurance being so tender and kind that had she told me she was about to break out a flame thrower I would have been happy to see where she was going with it.

 In conclusion, if you are a someone who wants to explore a more kink-related kind of experience, I could not imagine anyone better suited to guide you through your journey than Lady Ambrosia Noir. Be respectful and courteous and you shall know true delight. Stop reading this review and make a booking. Now. 

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