Session Offerings

I offer a fetish experience for kinksters, submissives and slaves who want more. My sessions are charged with true connection and intensity.

Role Playing

I excel at roleplaying and taking on a new character comes naturally to me. Let's become completely immersed in a kinky fantasy of our own creation. Erotic escapism is one of BDSM's greatest delights. Almost any roleplay is possible – I can play the wicked ex-girlfriend, crazed mannequin brought to life, nurturing or mean mummy, sexually exploitative nurse or matron, perverse psychologist, mindfucking hypnotherapist, incestuous sister, vengeful rape victim, nasty boss, strict teacher, military interrogator or corrupt cop. Abduction and kidnapping scenes are a favourite. An expert trainer of wayward puppies, ponies and kittens, all sorts of animal roleplay sparks my interest too. We’re limited only by our imaginations.


Nothing beats the rush I get from forcing my prey into complete helplessness. Bondage facilitates some of the most exquisite states of surrender in my slaves. The opportunity to bind you slowly, savouring every moment of touch and tension, is also an extraordinary chance to connect with one another. As a top and bottom, it allows us to go into a deeper sensory experience and a more immersive mental headspace. I delight in taking time to layer bondage intuitively, so that your increasing restriction is an incredible journey in and of itself, not simply a means to an end. Leather and rope bondage are some of my greatest kinky loves. I often utilise erotic bondage to aide in teasing and tormenting my victims.

Corporal Punishment

Sessions focusing on corporal punishment are a specialty. An over-the-knee spanking is possibly my favourite form of corporal punishment – I can’t get enough of that particular combination of physical intimacy, your erotic exposure and the satisfying thud of my firm hand. A red backside on a submissive makes me very happy. The strap and floggers are my favourite tools of discipline, although I often crave the powerful feeling that comes with wielding a cane - from leaving perfect stripes across someone’s lucky bottom. Bastinado for brave souls willing to sacrifice their palms and soles is a real treat too.

Anal Play

Bend over! And get ready to be fucked properly by a woman who really knows what she's doing! Prostate massage, vibrators, dildos, enemas, strap-ons, fisting – as a Domme I cater to all aspects of anal play from light and gentle through to the extreme. I’ve been known to send anal aficionados into a deeply relaxed horny daze when I explore their arsehole. The experience can be trance-like, or even multiply orgasmic.


Finding eroticism in something beyond the ordinary fascinates me and is the cornerstone of my interest in this lifestyle. I'm a true fetishist. My own fetishes include seamed nylon stockings and girdles. I love to have my feet, legs, heels and boots worshipped too. Connecting with other fetishists is immensely gratifying. I am always keen to try something new, so if you're inclined towards the obscure or bizarre in any way, I want to know about it! I cater for almost any fetish imaginable – leather, medical, rubber, diapers, giantess, blood, watersports, strength, menstrual products, panties, long hair and tickling, just to name a few. Above and beyond all else I like secrets. Go on... tell me one of yours. I want to know what fetishes you have.

Cock & Ball Torture

What's the fastest way to put a smile on my face? It's not wining me, dining me or getting me gifts. I'll be generous and tell you so there's no need to guess. Tell me you need me to torture your cock and balls. You do want to see me smile, don't you? I am a sadist at heart. And the path to my heart is paved with the torment of your manhood, right where it will hurt you the most. All forms of CBT interest me but I do have some favourites.

Golden Showers

I am (in)famous for delivering an epic golden shower experience, need I say more? It simply must be experienced if you are a watersports connoisseur. I have incredible control over my pelvic floor muscles and can tease you with trickles of my piss throughout a session, building up to an intense gushing to really get us excited! I love pissing right into a submissive's mouth or seeing their body drenched in my nectar. My aim is second to none, with many of my devotees appreciating how amazing it is to have piss stream right onto the eye of their cock. Bullseye!


Guiding you into a deeply relaxed state where reality fades away and you’re left mentally open and exposed, this is the ultimate form of psychological control. Your suggestibility will skyrocket while I experiment with the deepest recesses of your psyche. I’ll take full advantage of the experience. A must for lovers of mind control, altered states and erotic adventurers alike. I provide hypnosis fantasy sessions as well as genuine erotic hypnosis experiences.


For the heterosexually challenged, I get off on training you regularly in blowjob technique, anal eroticism and all-round homoerotic fun. Mind control with gay porn may form part of your ongoing training too. I take forced-bi play to a serious level. Before long you’ll be serving men and pleasuring cock for my entertainment and amusement. I’ve even been known to facilitate slave orgies for dedicated forced bi devotees. How much cock can you handle? There's only one way to find out...


I live a true female supremacist lifestyle and believe men are born to fulfil their existence humble and subordinate to all women. The only hope men have for finding meaning in life is accepting their role in this power dynamic by serving, worshipping and obeying a supreme Lady. While you will always be inferior in the overall scheme of my life, don’t doubt that you won't find it entirely rewarding to sacrifice yourself to me completely. For slaves seeking to explore this dynamic, you have met your match. I derive immense pleasure from embodying the Goddess I am and having my lifestyle enhanced by male servants who truly know their place.


I’m a relentless cocktease through and through! I cater for all types of tease and denial – whether it’s erotic tie and tease for sensual players, orgasm control, edging and instructed masturbation, right through to keyholding and extreme chastity for compulsive sluts in need of serious control. Are you game enough to let me dangle you on the edge of orgasm, without any guarantee of release, making you beg for it? I have a feeling you won't be able to resist my cockteasing ways the moment you lay eyes upon me. And if you think you can resist, I'll seduce you before long.


I love rough and tumble! The thrill of winning always excites me. I specialise in erotic, non-competitive fetish wrestling for those with a penchant for strong, sexy women. Headlocks and scissoring, especially headscissoring, are some of my favourite moves. I’m told I have inner thighs of steel. It needs to be experienced to be believed! My signature “tit squishes” are a favourite amongst my competitors too. I often combine these rough and tumble scenarios with face sitting, body worship and smothering for a wickedly kinky wrestling escapade. Are you ready to tap out yet?


From partial to full transformations, I provide a cross-dressing experience that can include make-up, wigs, lingerie, stockings, outfits and deportment training, putting you well-and-truly in touch with your feminine side. Is your inner babe classy, slutty, cheeky, demure, glamorous or anything else in between? Let’s find out. We can explore your feminine side in a session exclusively focused on gender play for a truly immersive girly experience. I can also incorporate crossdressing into other kinky scenarios. Once you’re dressed we can try an array of naughty activities – some popular favourites are bondage, anal, spanking, lesbianism and forced bi – simply let me know what turns you on when you’re all femmed up.


Pussy power at its best. Imagine my panty-clad ass lowering down onto your face. Inhale my essence while I crouch on your face or even control your very ability to breathe. A sensational erotic experience for submissives and switches alike who are excited by the prospect of being a Lady’s seat. I especially enjoy combining bondage with face sitting in my sessions.


From gentle and teasing through to the completely outrageous, I love degrading those who are brave enough to face my wrath, whether it’s verbal, physical, psychological or public. Face slapping, spitting, pissing on you, forcing you to wear panties, farting on you and calling you all manner of slutty and embarrassing names. I’ll have you doing everything shameful you’ve ever dreamed of doing, but have been too shy to seek out without the seduction of a dominant woman like me. I can tell you're blushing already!


In this day and age, money often acts as the ultimate symbol of man’s masculinity, power and worth. It is an incredible act of subordination to eroticise the sacrifice of money and all that it represents – especially when that sacrifice is in the name of a supreme Lady. That is exactly why I derive such a smug sense of power and satisfaction from controlling a man with my grasp mercilessly wrapped around his wallet.


I am well known as one of Australia's foremost professional tickling fetishists. When dominating I am incredibly skilled at using my hands, fingers, nails, hair and an array of implements to find your most vulnerable and ticklish erogenous zones. Tickling is very much as a journey as far as I'm concerned, where I can take you to a place where you're not sure that you can't bear the sensation or need more of it. The sensation is always erotically compelling nonetheless!


Although I’m skilled at all forms of roleplaying, I have a natural ability for regressive fantasies. I’m fond of adult babies in particular – my predilection for nappy changing, bath time, story time, swaddling, pacifiers, bottles, corner time and discipline makes me a natural mummy or nanny. I make a very mean older sister, aunty, teacher and school-yard bully too. I enjoy play from the innocent, nurturing and gentle end of the ageplay spectrum right through to downright perverse, malicious and just plain wrong. Let's get taboo.


One of the most quintessential fetish experiences is slippery, shiny and oh so sexy. It's latex of course. I love wearing it and have a very sexy latex wardrobe. If you're lucky maybe I'll let you polish my ass. Once I'm dressed to the nines, immersing my slaves in rubber themselves is of the utmost importance. I have a custom made inflatable latex body bag, with access points in all the right places. Let's have you floating for hours in there. My latex vac bed is also a one-of-a-kind experience for those who want to be immobilised and teased in the shiniest way imaginable.


Indulging in both sides of power exchange can be wicked fun. Get to know my submissive side, swap roles from one session to the next, or for an especially exhilarating experience let's switch within the same session. I love to start out a scene in a submissive role, before overpowering you and taking total control. My interests as a switch are primarily spanking and bondage.

I cater to Dominants and switches at all levels of experience. Teaching the skills of domination to those who are new to this role is something that I find very satisfying. You’ll find yourself confident in no time.


As daunting as my experience and interests might seem, I delight in introducing newcomers all that the world of BDSM has to offer. I appreciate that you may be approaching me with uncertainty about what you enjoy as well as nerves about what to expect. You're in good hands with me. I will take the time to discuss your interests, make suggestions about what activities I think you could enjoy and talk about your limits too. I am skilled at tailoring sessions to meet your needs, your comfort level but never sacrificing creativity or your own self discovery as a kinkster. It's time to take the plunge!


The opportunity to play with adventurous couples is something I always relish. Couples approach me with all kinds of ideas for what they would like to get out of their time with me. Maybe you are a fledgling Mistress who is eager to gain the skills and confidence to dominate your partner in the bedroom. Perhaps you are wanting to treat a submissive partner to their dream fantasy. Maybe you would both like to learn some new technical skills together in a safe, private environment with a professional you can trust.


If you'd really like to get to know your Mistress better, this is the experience for you. We can get to know each other over a meal and a glass of champagne – perhaps I'll even make you wear a chastity cage or panties in public if your proclivities allow such shenanigans... before having you submit to my whims in a scene I craft not just from our shared interests, but from the chemistry we've been building together all evening long.


For those craving the most immersive kinky experience with me that's possible. Imagine an opulent evening of dinner and a thoughtfully crafted session indulging all of our carnal interests. When I have totally worn you out, you will be bound in a cage to sleep overnight. After living your fantasy all night, is there better way to wake up than having a demanding Mistress rattle your chains and play with you again? This will be an experience to remember!