If you enjoy protocol, you can either call me Lady Ambrosia, Mistress Ambrosia or Mistress. Please don’t use “M’lady” or a double title of “Mistress Lady”. Otherwise, just call me Ambrosia.

People often ask me how I ended up in such an unusual profession. If I’m really honest it all started very early on in my life. I was always a bit of a schoolyard bully when it came to the boys I would play with! I became enmoured with fetishes after discovering vintage bondage pin ups on the internet as a teen. I eventually drifted into the BDSM scene as an adult before meeting the pro-Dommes who linked me in with the training that has brought me to where I am today.

I am unable to offer apprenticeships. Think about what you’re asking when you approach an independent professional Domme, who works strictly by appointment only, to train you one-on-one. You’re asking for a huge amount of time and labour, which is time that a Mistress can’t use in other areas of her life. The majority of women who pursue this profession quit very quickly due to unrealistic expectations about money, glamour and effort. For me, offering an apprenticeship to a complete stranger is a high-risk investment with no return.

That said, I thoroughly enjoy teaching in the right circumstances. If you’re a sex worker wanting to invest in career coaching or professional development in BDSM skills, I might be able to help you. Please approach me courteously about the kind of coaching or specific skills that you have in mind.

Please note that my normal rates apply for this service and I require full pre-payment in advance. I am very busy between study, research, my BDSM career, several personal commitments and of course, my treasured opportunities for downtime. It simply isn’t worth it unless I am charging my usual rates, so please do not offend me by requesting discounts or free training, nor by attempting to barter, or telling me about others who do it cheaper or for free.

If you have one or two friends whom also want to learn the same skills, I can make this experience more affordable for you. Please contact me for more information.

I am genuinely bisexual and love to play with women! I take pride in being trans and queer friendly. I welcome people of all genders or sexualities to come and enjoy a fantastic experience. Sessioning with couples is one of my greatest delights – check out my couples page for more information.

No. I do not discriminate based on your shape, size, age, the colour of your skin nor any disabilities you may have. I’m guessing that because you’re asking me this question that you may have had a bad experience with someone being cruel or discriminatory on this basis. I hate that these things happen and that it’s not uncommon in this industry. I do not discriminate against people for any of these reasons. My only requirements are that you respect me, have good hygiene and are willing to have some fun!

I don’t like to give a definitive answer to this on the internet as my limits do shift and change with my interests and mood, or even based on a particular dynamic I have with a person. But a non-exhaustive list includes sex, unprotected services, anything illegal or anything that compromises the consent of other people. I also won’t ever date anyone I do sessions with, so please don’t ask.

I’m probably busy or in session. Leave a voicemail to ensure a return call at my earliest opportunity. Please keep in mind I do not answer private numbers. Sometimes I take several days to return a message due to my hectic schedule, so please be patient and avoid sending multiple follow up messages urging me to respond. I always get back to people when I am able to.

There are a few things you can do to be best prepared for a session with me. Some of these things may seem obvious but they can be easy to forget when you are excited or just have a busy schedue. Firstly, it’s important to confirm your appointment with me following the instructions I have given you. Make sure you plan your journey and allow time for traffic so that you aren’t late. I often have a busy schedule so am not always able to accommodate going over your original booking time if you’re late. I will also request you to have a shower after your arrival, following our pre-session chat. Please make sure you wash yourself thoroughly, especially your armpits, genitals and arse. Even if you have had a shower prior to leaving, I will still request this as people often get sweaty in transit. It’s also a good idea to be organised about withdrawing the right amount of money in advance of your session so you’re not rushing around trying to find an ATM at the last minute. The less rushed you feel, the more you can relax into an experience with me and enjoy yourself completely! Finally – make sure you arrive ready to have an experience to remember.

Bookings are preferably made over the phone on 0406 955 539, but I do welcome an initial email request too. I do however require a chat on the phone to finalise your session if we have not met previously.

I really appreciate all of the following information being included in your booking requests.

Please include:

  • Your name
  • A proposed session time
  • The length of the session
  • What you would like to explore in your session

As I’m a student and also have another job, going back and forth with multiple people for this information can be really time-consuming, so I appreciate your brevity and you providing all of the appropriate booking details I need to finalise our plans.

I require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations.  When you cancel with little notice, it has a massive impact upon my scheduling and overheads. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee. Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice will incur a full session fee.

I generally require deposits for my session and will provide you with this information when you contact me to secure a booking time. Deposits and pre-payments are non-refundable and at my discretion I may allow them to be transferable once at most within a limited timeframe that I will specify at the time of a transfer.

I am certainly open to requests, but ultimately I will always decide for myself what I feel like wearing in a given session. As much as I appreciate that you may have some preferences, I am a human and a dominant woman who makes my own choices, not a doll that can be ordered around.

Thankyou, that is really thoughtful. Cash tips are always appreciated. Uber vouchers are really wonderful too. I also have a wishlist with lots of items for you to look at as well. Check out my spoil me page. I do not require gifts and always appreciate the generosity if you decide to purchase one, but I do kindly request that people only choose items I have listed. My taste is very specific.

If it’s not listed on my website it may be because some questions I prefer to answer over the phone or that your question is especially specific. If it’s about a kink that I haven’t listed, try me. The kinks I describe are not exhaustive and I love to hear about what people are into. Give me a call and I’ll be happy to chat about it.


I offer a fetish experience for kinksters, submissives and slaves who want more. My sessions are charged with true connection and intensity.