Meet the Mistress

About Me

My interest in BDSM is driven by a fundamental desire to push the limits of all that is possible in our human experience – physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually and in the pursuit of pleasure, pain and all things bizarre. Hedonism is a ruling force in my world and I make my decisions on the basis of living my life without any regret. Female domination, for me, is about inspiring the same in others without fear of judgement. Although I have some excellent gear at my disposal, my main tools are not whips or chains. It is the way I toy with the textures of anticipation, absence, presence and sensation. I am transfixed by the allure of control, states of surrender and what fulfilment really means.

I’m obviously cerebral in my approach to the world of fetish and fantasy, but ultimately I’m all about down-to-earth fun and experimentation. It’s no secret that I have a fairly irreverent sense of humour – sometimes there needs to be space for laughter in even the most intense moments. You’ll always find me where the gritty and absurd collide. I’m a deeply empathic woman, even when I’m at my most severe, and I thrive upon building chemistry. What I do is both depraved and connected – a compelling combination. Perhaps this is what you’re seeking if previous experiences of domination have left you feeling like something is missing.

I have a strong sense of self. Domination isn’t simply a mask I don while playing, it’s a lifestyle, philosophy and an artform. I bring this self-possession into my sessions. Channelling creativity and intuition into our play comes naturally to me. When I take control of you, you’ll find me authentic, bold and present, never forced nor insincere. Crafting incredible BDSM experiences is my life’s calling – it always shines through.

During a session you can expect that I will dangle you on the edge of what is possible, with great delight, but not without bringing you back feeling safe and centered. Together we can enter a different headspace where nothing else matters except for whatever depravity we co-create together. People often tell me that after cutting loose with me, a sense of groundedness stays with them for some time afterwards.

The aesthetics of fetishism are a big part of my pleasure in this lifestyle too. I especially love wearing vintage reproduction lingerie and stiletto heels – which suits my hourglass figure to perfection. I have a seamed nylon stocking and girdle fetish and enjoy playing dress-ups in preparation for my sessions. My wardrobe also includes a range of lingerie, leather, latex, corsets, boots and roleplaying outfits of all kinds.

Outside of my kinkier pursuits, my interests are many and varied. I enjoy walking and hiking in a lot of the glorious natural surroundings we’re lucky to have so close to Melbourne. Yoga and weight lifting keep me active too. On weekends a good cocktail with friends never goes astray. I’m very partial to a dry gin martini – and all manner of quality gin exploration for that matter. I have a strong academic bent with a focus on psychology and sociology. Antique shopping, fashion, sewing and cooking are big interests in my life too. I also volunteer and do community work. I enjoy the balance and variety in my life’s many facets.

My Experience

I’m becoming part of a rare breed of Mistress in Australia – one that has undergone thorough, traditional training. In 2007 I completed a strict and demanding year long apprenticeship at The Dominas Realm in Fitzroy. During this time I was taught by some of the most skilled Dommes in Australia, including Mistress Violet, Mistress Electra, Mistress Amara Dolce, Mistress Cleo and Mistress Elizabeth, to name just a few. Their dedication to exploring the art of BDSM with excellence was second to none, ensuring that I emerged from my training as a confident, skilled, safe and creative professional Mistress. You can be assured you are in good hands when you place your trust in me.

My skills are an evolving entity and I take pride in their continual development. I’ve built on this foundation over the years in a number of ways.

  • Disability Training. I have completed disability awareness training with Touching Base, and am happy to spend time discussing your session requirements and accessibility needs if you have any kind of disability.
  • Certified Somatic Sexologist. I am a certified Sexological Bodyworker who is adept at facilitating sexual education and the explortion of erotic potential.
  • Advanced consent training. I trained in Dr. Betty Martin’s “Like a Pro” workshop. Her specialised tuition has honed my professional skills of assessment, containment, boundaries and communication down to a fine art.
  • Tantric training. I’m a graduate of Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra Professional Training program. I’ve also completed a tantric mentorship program with Triambika Vengoechea.  I’m familiar with a range of tantric practices that can be incorporated into BDSM sessions if you so desire.

I attend local skillshares where possible and often talk shop with my colleagues. Over the years I’ve completed workshops with internationally renowned presenters including Satomi Zpira and Midori amongst others. I have also conducted workshops and am known as an educator in my own right, including my infamous Arse-holistic class.

I am extensively university educated and currently pursuing postgraduate studies in my area of expertise. I have a strong interest in innovative research. Social theories of both internal and external realities are of great interest to me too. My keen intellect makes me a force to be reckoned with!

Spoil me

While I don’t require gifts by any means, many have requested to find out how they can spoil me in ways that I would especially enjoy. Here are a few ideas for presents that will put a twinkle in my eye and give you a few extra brownie points in your favour – from something modest through to something more extravagant. I really appreciate your desire to give me something thoughtful or special. I do kindly request that people only choose items I have listed as I have very specific taste.

Cash tips are always welcome. I also love gift vouchers so I can make my own selection. Shopping is the best gift for a woman like me! Vouchers for Uber or Hopeless Lingerie are excellent. I also enjoy vouchers for Fetters, Eagle Leather, Myer and Lush. If you would like to hit the shops, you can’t go wrong with bath bombs from Lush, quality champagne, boutique varieties of gin and milk chocolate.

I have a Wishlist at if you’d like to purchase something specific that I am lusting after! I often update this list with items I’m really keen on.

If you need to email a gift voucher, send it through to Or if you need to post something, send it to the following address. Otherwise feel free to surprise me in person when you book a session!

Lady Ambrosia
PO box 742
North Melbourne
VIC 3051


I offer a fetish experience for kinksters, submissives and slaves who want more. My sessions are charged with true connection and intensity.