The lady

The Mistress

Equal parts compassionate and deviant, as a Mistress I love nothing more than fleshing out the nuances of desire, eroticism and control with like-minded submissives and slaves. My most well-honed skill, without a doubt, is being able to find the “heat” in a person’s fantasy. So long as you’re ready and willing to go to that place, I’ll take you there without hesitation or judgement.

I’m well known for creating genuine intimacy during fetish play, something that many crave to experience in BDSM scenarios. Some people have suggested that I’m like a combination of both Mistress and girlfriend, allowing for the most satisfying kind of session possible – one that is both kinky and emotionally connected. Perhaps this is what you’re seeking if previous experiences of domination have left you feeling cold.

In session you’ll find my disposition authentic, sassy and present, never forced or insincere. I do this for a living because I genuinely enjoy crafting BDSM scenes – it always shines through! I play with a creative and sensual edge, with intuition that comes from reading body language expertly. Although I get off on intensity and intelligence in my play, you’ll never find me without an offbeat sense of humour.

I have a soft spot for players who have more unusual, seemingly absurd or obscure tastes. If you’re worried that no one will ever understand, or that no one will even consider accommodating your sexual proclivities, try me. Chances are that I can find a way to make it happen.

Dressing up is also a big part of the pleasure for me. I adore lingerie, glamour and pin-up style, which suits my hourglass figure to perfection. I have a seamed stocking and vintage girdle fetish and enjoy playing dress-ups in preparation for my sessions. My wardrobe has a range of lingerie, vintage-style dresses, corsets, PVC, various roleplaying outfits, shoes, stockings, pantyhose, leather and latex. If you have quite specific tastes I’m happy to consider outfit requests.

I cater for all levels of experience. I love orchestrating sessions for more experienced players. If you’re new to submission, you’ll find that your nerves melt away with the understanding and playfulness that I provide.

The Switch

A submissive with spark, I enjoy being put in my place by respectful gentlemen who appreciate the sensuality and elegance of my submission. Depending on my mood and who I’m playing with, I can be demure and coy or cheeky and capricious. One thing is certain – whether I’m playing the slave or the brat, I always have personality and I love playing with Dominants who appreciate that. I’m usually very squirmy and at times I tend to squeal a lot! So be prepared for a playful experience if you want to control me.

I specialise in sessions for those interested in both sides of power exchange. Although I do enjoy playing in an exclusively submissive role with certain Dominants, switching comes naturally to me and I love to play with people who enjoy swapping roles from one session to the next, or even within the same session. I have the most fun when I can start out a scene as a submissive, switching to a Dominant role after overpowering you.

I cater to Dominants and switches at all levels of experience. It’s always a treat to play with an experienced Dominant. I also find a lot of pleasure in teaching the skills of domination to those who are new to this role. You’ll find yourself confident in no time.

Although I’m open to casual sessions with switches and Dominants, I prefer to develop ongoing professional play arrangements when I submit. Whether it be regular or infrequent meetings, I enjoy developing trust and friendship with those who Dominate me so that the activities we explore, the authenticity of our interaction and the intensity of the play can increase as time goes on. That kind of magic is possible in a single session, but much more likely with the kind of trust that develops over time.

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