Spoil me

While I don’t require gifts by any means, many have requested to find out how they can spoil me in ways that I would especially enjoy. Here are a few ideas for presents that will put a twinkle in my eye and give you a few extra brownie points in your favour – from something modest through to something more extravagant. I enjoy treats for my bathroom from Lush, clothing, lingerie and high quality BDSM toys, to name a few things. I generally prefer gift vouchers so I can make my own selection. Shopping is the best gift for a woman like me!

If you need to email a gift voucher, send it through to mistressambrosia@gmail.com. Or if you need to post something, send it to the following address. Otherwise feel free to surprise me in person when you book a session!

Lady Ambrosia
PO box 212
Collins Street West
VIC 8007


Lush Cosmetics – Lush make amazing bath products and are the perfect way to pamper me on a budget.

Wheels and Dollbaby – This is my favourite designer label. Massive brownie points for WDB vouchers as gifts.

Fetters – Fetters make a lot of BDSM gear that I lust after, so this is a great way to contribute to my kinky lifestyle.

Chocolate is also greatly appreciated! Milk chocolate is my favourite. I also enjoy fresh flowers, especially roses. Just make sure flowers are a variety that are non-toxic to cats.

Please note that I prefer not to be given alcohol.

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