My story

My upbringing placed me firmly on the path that has led me to where I am now as a professional Domina and switch.

When I was growing up, I adored fairytales and read them obsessively, particularly those latent with themes of power, surrender, sexual undertones and erotic feminine archetypes. My fascinations were always somewhat pervy – whether it was Repunzel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood or any other character – my imagination always got the better of me. I enjoyed putting myself in their shoes, going on all kinds of bizarre and surreal adventures that were only possible with the kind of freedom that daydreaming provides.

When I could tear myself away from books, I remember being the only girl in the playground who would play with groups of boys all the time. Cops and robbers, dungeons and dragons, kiss chasey, mummy and daddy, doctor and patient… I always made sure I was captivating their attention while we played, either through overt bullying or by passively manipulating situations so I could be trapped and controlled.

Although I’ve never been interested in organised religion, like many, I was forced through perverse sacraments and rituals as I grew up. I remember attending confessional and when I spoke with the priest I’d invent all manner of pretend sins so that I could brag about my penance with the other children.

In many ways, little has changed. Power, punishment and fantasy fulfillment are all elements of a game I’ve never stopped playing. The game has simply moved onto different playgrounds as I’ve grown and matured.

As my teenage years came to a close, I started offering phone sessions – sharply honing my skills in the psychological and roleplaying aspects of BDSM prior to gaining any practical skills. In retrospect I realise how lucky I’ve been to gain this edge at such a young age. I decided to take my interests to the next level, joining the ranks of Melbourne’s professional players after befriending some incredible Dominatrices at local fetish parties. I began to quell my insatiable need for kink in 2007 after beginning an apprenticeship at The Domina’s Realm in Fitzroy. After a demanding year of training I finally completed my apprenticeship in 2008.

I honed my craft at The Domina’s Realm until it closed its doors in 2011. Since then I’ve worked independently. When in Melbourne I conduct my sessions by appointment only from Collingwood Confidential’s breathtaking boutique dungeon and sensuous crossdressing boudoir, as well as offering an outcall service.

My mentor Electra Amore took over management of Fetish Palace (formerly known as The Purple Palace) in Adelaide in late 2011. I was so impressed with the beauty and functionality of this space that I decided to tour regularly to Adelaide. I now tour to Adelaide a few times a year. Fetish Palace is by far the most well-appointed dungeon I’ve ever sessioned from.

I love the variety and adventure that comes from playing in both Melbourne and Adelaide.

Although I’ve been exploring BDSM professionally for the better part of my adult life, there’s no doubting that I’ve always been a kinkster to the core.

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