From 2007 – 2008 I completed a strict and demanding year long apprenticeship at The Dominas Realm in Fitzroy. World-renowned Dominatrix Mistress Electra Amore took me under her wing, guiding and structuring most of my training. She remains one of my closest friends to this day. During this time I was also lucky enough to receive guidance and training from some of the most skilled and outrageously creative Dommes in Australia, including Mistress Cleo, Mistress Violet, Mistress Amara Dolce and Mistress Elizabeth, to name just a few. Their dedication to exploring the art of BDSM with excellence was second to none, ensuring that I emerged from my training as a confident, skilled, safe and creative professional switch.

Disability Training
I have completed disability awareness training with Touching Base, and am happy to spend time discussing your session requirements and accessibility needs if you have any kind of disability.

Somatic Sexology Certification
In 2011 I received my certification in Sexological Bodywork – an emerging profession in the arena of sexual health. This diploma has given me a deep understanding of pelvic anatomy and provided me with profoundly effective sexual and remedial skills to assist people in achieving their full erotic potential. This study has also provided me with tools for teaching individuals to overcome physical and psychological sexual health issues. Sexological Bodywork has proved to be an incredible compliment to the advanced consent training I completed with sex educator Dr. Betty Martin in 2009. Her specialised tuition has ensured that I have honed my professional skills of assessment, containment, boundaries and communication down to a fine art.

Tantric Training
I’ve completed a tantric mentorship program with Triambika Vengoechea, from the Ecstatic Awareness Institute. I’m also a graduate of Barbara Carallas’ Urban Tantra Professional Training program. I’m familiar with a range of tantric practices that can be incorporated into BDSM sessions if you so desire.

I attend local workshops where possible and often skillshare with my colleagues. My skills are an evolving entity and I take pride in their continual development. Over the years I’ve completed workshops with the likes of Satomi Zpira, Osada Steve and Midori amongst others. I have also conducted my own workshops from time to time, including my infamous “arse-whole education” workshop, which even made it into the press! Check out my media section to find out more about that controversy.

I am university educated and currently completing graduate studies in psychology, with a view towards becoming a clinician. I completed an Arts degree in gender studies and sociology some years ago. I also have a background in Health Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through my studies I’ve developed in-depth knowledge of both Western and Eastern anatomy and physiology – making me a safe and holistic BDSM practitioner. My psychology training also makes me a force to be reckoned with!

Outside of my kinky professional pursuits, my passions include holistic medicine, dance, aerial circus arts, meditation, sewing, antique shopping, food, health and fitness, diet therapy, fashion, music, and relaxing in a bar over a drink with my friends.

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