Before contacting me to arrange your session, please keep the following in mind:

  •  I’m a busy student and a one of Melbourne’s most popular Mistresses. My schedule is hectic! So to avoid disappointment, it’s best to book your session with at least 24 – 48 hours notice. Ideally more. I like it when you’re organised and are able to plan ahead where possible. This gives me time to come up with great ideas for our play. You’re welcome to try your luck if you want a session on the same day, but the majority of the time I won’t be able to help you.

  •   If I’m unable to answer your call, please leave a voicemail message if you want me to return your call. Please clearly state your phone number, even if you think that I already have your contact details.

•  Although I am happy to discuss the important details of your session on the phone or by email, I will not go into lurid detail. If I suspect that you are not genuine, I won’t hesitate to block your number. I understand that it may be necessary to email or call a couple of times to ensure that I am the best person for your session. However, please keep in mind that if you email or call me repeatedly without making a booking, I will cease all communication and block your email address and phone number.

•  Prior to each and every booking, I offer in-person consultations free of charge. This is an opportunity to discuss your fantasies in great detail. We’ll also discuss any relevant medical issues and agree on a safeword. Consultation time is offered in addition to your booking time and offered only at the time of your scheduled booking.

  •  Do not email once and email again pestering me to respond to your initial message. Although I always endeavor to respond within a couple of days, I maintain a busy schedule and will respond in my own due time.

  •  I do not negotiate sessions or bookings via SMS. Please call me if you want to discuss a booking.

  •  I do not accept appointments from private numbers. In Australia you can unblock your phone number for that call only by dialing 1832 before entering my phone number.

  •  I require sessions to be confirmed either by SMS or phone before your appointment. Pay attention to the confirmation instructions I give you and make sure you follow through. This will secure your booking! If I do not receive confirmation, the booking is cancelled and you will be blacklisted.

  •  Cancellation Policy: I expect to be treated with the same respect as a doctor, lawyer, accountant or any other highly skilled professional. I miss out on the opportunity to organise other sessions for your allocated time when you cancel without notice. All appointments cancelled without at least one business day’s notice will incur a cancellation fee. I will also require a full, nonrefundable deposit before accepting future bookings.

  •  Deposits and pre-paid sessions are not refundable. It is only possible to reschedule these sessions in some circumstances at my discretion. I am unlikely to offer the option of rescheduling for extended appointments, when inadequate notice is given, when it is our first meeting, when there is a history of being unreliable and so on. This list is not exhaustive. Rescheduling is not possible for pre-paid appointments when I am on tour.

  •  I respect your privacy and discretion. I will not call you out of the blue unless we have established that it is acceptable for me to do so. Please let me know if you have particular requirements to protect your privacy.

  •  Limits: As a Mistress my limits include any scene involving the smoking cigarettes, roman showers, sexual intercourse or any illegal activities. My main limits in switch / submissive scenarios include genital torture, amyl, brown showers, roman showers, electro play, anal play, bloodsports, sexual intercourse or any illegal activities. My limits may vary depending on sessions and my mood so please note these lists are by no means exhaustive.

In short, good manners are crucial – mutual respect will ensure that we experience the most fulfilling BDSM sessions possible.

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